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Artist of the Month: Marlin Montgomery

Freshman Marlin Montgomery is an illustrator and painter.  Q. When did you first realize you had a passion for art? Have you always enjoyed art or did your interest increase as you aged? A. My interest in art grew more as I got older, I guess I never stopped being creative.


Past the Pinnacle of Pop Punk’s Popularity

Megan Lickhalter OPINION EDITOR In the past year, the pop punk genre has made a comeback into mainstream media, thanks to up-and-coming band, 5 Seconds of Summer and their fanbase.   Punk music began in the ‘70s with bands such as the Sex Pistols and


Scream Television

Tuesday, November 1st, MTV’s summer hit Scream finished its first season strong with a gore filled finale. Chocked full of guttings, stabbings, and an ice cooler scene to terrify the claustrophobic in everyone, the tenth episode of the slasher series revealed secrets and twists, but


Paradise Cove: a Private Paradise

  By: Roman Jensen Many tourists have the misconception that Paradise Cove is a public beach, but it’s not. Here in Malibu, there are public beaches like Zuma, Westward, and Broad Beach, and there are private beaches, which only residents of the area can access.


College Apps: the Tenth Circle of Hell

  By: Cole Murphy Not even one quarter through my life, I lost my way in a dark bedroom. The only illumination was the pale glow of the Common App website. This is a godless place. I switched from the Common App to Netflix and


Wise Words From Mr. Jackson

  By: Cubbie Kile Principal Jackson’s own high school experiences enable him to connect with his students. Reflecting on his past experiences, he has some words of wisdom for his current students. When Principal Jackson was Senior Class President in high school, he was responsible


Howdy’s Closes Cross Creek Location

By: Nolan Webster On Oct. 27, Howdy’s Taqueria closed its Malibu Country Mart location after almost 20 years in business. Although it has closed, the much-loved restaurant is planning to reopen within the year. It will reopen under the name Howdy’s Malibu Cantina where Granita


A District Divided

By: Kai Brady The idea of an independent Malibu school district first surfaced in 2003. During the last few months, the possibility of an independent district has increased due to recent school board elections and the work of independent organizations advocating for separation. Many Malibu


Teacher Of The Month: Mr. Mulligan

Michael Mulligan is the boys’ water polo coach and physical education teacher. Mulligan became a faculty member at Malibu High School in 1991, meaning that he has taught at MHS longer than any other faculty member. Did you work anywhere before working at Malibu High