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Tuesday, November 1st, MTV’s summer hit Scream finished its first season strong with a gore filled finale.

Chocked full of guttings, stabbings, and an ice cooler scene to terrify the claustrophobic in everyone, the tenth episode of the slasher series revealed secrets and twists, but left its audience hanging in the last five minutes. The film to television adaption brought in a very large audience during its premiere episode, as well as 7.9 million online streams worldwide.

The series follows the popular and beautiful Emma as she struggles to put together the pieces of her town’s dark past in order to save her friends from a masked murderer. Emma is in constant contact with the killer through text message, phone calls, and even social media, making the audience aware that no matter where she is the killer is a threat. Each of the main characters are suspicious, making viewers conflicted on who to trust. As the series develops and the characters grow, audiences find themselves completely invested, making each death and secret reveal much more powerful.

The T.V. series carries the same type of meta humor established in the movies, differentiating it from most products of the horror genre. The show is very self-aware of the formulas commonly used in “scary movies” and the characters consistently discuss them throughout the series. This offered the show’s writers a chance to play with the cliched themes and plot points often occurring slasher flicks, resulting in a unique viewing experience.

For someone like myself who commonly waits for a series to appear on Netflix or Hulu, watching Scream from week to week was surprisingly exciting. Especially as school started, it served as a break in the monotony of the week. It was a series that kept you on your toes wanting more. It even made me look forward to Tuesdays.

MHS junior, Emma Brisinger said, “I really enjoyed watching Scream, It’s one of the only good shows still on MTV right now. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the next season.”

MTV confirms that the shows second season is on its way to the small screen in 2016, but a specific air date has not yet been confirmed.

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