“Get that in my Belly”: What’s Cooking in the Cafeteria

Ella Taylor


  Malibu High School cafeteria-goers, big things are happening in the kitchen.  After much dispute over the quality of cafeteria food, there will now be freshly prepared food during nutrition.  Gloria, Shirley, and Mr. D, familiar faces of the kitchen staff, are excited to start cooking up a plethora of freshly prepared foods that range from items like pulled pork, black beans, rice and burritos to chinese food, tamales, and Philly cheese steak.  This change is due in large part to the efforts of Mr. Thor Evensen, the high school art teacher with a passion for food.  

  “Get that in my belly,” Evensen said when asked about the new items being prepared.  You may have read the article published in last year’s The Current entitled Food Wars, illuminating the well-intensified efforts of Evensen regarding the poor food choices in our cafeteria which at the time seemed to be ignored by district officials.  This year, a new Director of Food & Nutrition Services has been hired named Elizabeth Powell.

  “Liz Powell is changing things to how they should be” Mr. D said.  According to the 2016/17 SMMUSD Food & Nutrition Back to School Guide, secondary school students, will now be offered fresh salad from the salad bar, fresh sandwiches, a hot entree, BBQ item, or a prepackaged (but freshly made) sandwich/salad combo.  Vegetarian combos will be offered daily as well, in accordance with the district’s new policy of required fruits and veggies.  Going along with healthier food, the items being used will include less ingredients as opposed to several that you can’t pronounce.  If you enjoy Mr. D’s Wednesday hamburgers, you will likely enjoy the food he, Gloria, and the rest of the kitchen staff are eager to prepare for you.  Both Gloria and Mr. D say they love to cook and do it all the time at home.

  “I have no favorites, I like food” Mr. D said when asked what his favorite dish is to cook.  So, if you’re hungry during lunch and have a few bucks to spend, stop by the cafeteria for a new cafeteria experience.


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