Artist of the Month: Marlin Montgomery

Freshman Marlin Montgomery is an illustrator and painter. Features (page 6 is in color)3Features (page 6 is in color)2
Q. When did you first realize you had a passion for art? Have you always enjoyed art or did your interest increase as you aged?
A. My interest in art grew more as I got older, I guess I never stopped being creative.

Q. What is your favorite style of art and why?
A. My favorite style of art is Japanese animation and graphic novels by Tite Kubo and Takeshi Obate.

Q. What has been you biggest challenge as an artist?
A. My biggest challenges have been drawing hair and the angles of the face. Creating the jaw is the hardest part for me.

Q. Who or what inspires your art?
A. I can specifically remember watching Hayao Miyazaki’s fi lm, Princess Mononoke , and I became obsessed with all of his movie
s and I also love M.C. Escher’s art because of his pencil drawing skills.

Q. Who is your favorite artist?
A. I like Tite Kubo because of his amazing drawings of the human anatomy. Every angle is perfect as well as his foreshortening of perspective. It’s awe inspiring how good he is at drawing people.

Q. What is your favorite art piece that you have created and why?
A. My favorite drawing was the one I did for the Malibu Middle School Yearbook in 2014. I used the skills that I learned from t
he masters.

Q. Would you like to pursue art in the future? (College, professionally, etc.)?
A. I do, and someday I want to write and illustrate my own series of


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