Are Electric Cars Taking Over?

Maddie McVeigh



In recent years, numerous car manufacturers have been working towards the ultimate electric car. Tesla, a successful car company, may have just introduced an glimpse toward the future by announcing a new car battery back in August. The new battery will extend Tesla Model S’s electric range to around 315 miles, farther than any electric car on the market so far. The battery will also make the Model S the third fastest production car, going from 0 to 60mph in just 2.5 seconds.

It’s not just Tesla revolutionizing the future of cars, however. Uber has released a 50-car fleet in London of electric cars. The cars are all Chinese-made BYD E6s, and have a range of about 186 miles. There are also rumors of a 20-car fleet of Nissan Leafs also being dispatched into London by Uber, all equipped with new batteries.

These two updates just mark the start of vehicular changes around the world. In China, Baidu, a Chinese internet company, has tested a BMW 3-series car, modified to have self driving capabilities. In previous tests, the modified car successfully completed an 18.6 mile long journey, with several accomplishments along the way, such as lane changes, u-turns, and highway driving. Baidu also has an office based in Silicon Valley, and has been testing the driverless cars around Sunnydale, California.

  Chris Urmson, a director of a project under Google X (a research and development company founded by Google), has been appealing to the United States government to legally allow self driving cars on the road in all states, as currently the laws concerning driverless vehicles differ from state to state. Penn Sittig, a junior at Malibu High, says that he thinks that “the future of electric cars taking over is imminent” and that “cars have evolved in our culture into something more than a machine”.

Now, it is just a matter of time before these new vehicles take over the streets.



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